segunda-feira, setembro 22, 2008

episódio 0.1: If the moment ever comes

domingo, setembro 21, 2008

episódio 0.1: a very violent flame


be true
because (lies) they'll lock you in a sad sad zoo
oh hidy hidy, hiding what you're trying to prove?
oh hidy hidy, hiding you're not worth a thing
i once was lost, but now i'm found
i was blind but now i see
how selfish of you to belive in all the meaning of all that bad dreaming

metal heart you're not worth a thing
metal heart you're not hiding...

sexta-feira, setembro 19, 2008

How selfish of you to believe in the meaning of all the bad dreaming

sexta-feira, setembro 05, 2008

Sábado, 6 Setembro é dia de 80's no Bar Agito!

Pois é, mantêm-se a tradição mensal. Amanhã a partir das 22h lá estarei com a minha babe a pôr música. Toca a aparecer :)

segunda-feira, setembro 01, 2008

"I was trying to save my life but it didn't work."